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In view of the current RDP and VDI solutions that allocating host resource, users can not make 100% utilization of PC host performance. In order to meet the needs of game industry, design studios, enterprises or mobile office. We have developed a PC FARM solution:


Advantages of the solution:

PC Host is separated (kept in data center or security room). Prevention of loss of confidential data.


Centralized management of the PC host, efficient power supply and cooling, clean and dust-free, no noise. Effectively prevent machine damage and reduce maintenance costs. Space savings increased operational efficiency.


Install vTeam software on PC host that needs to be centrally managed. Use the model H4S Zero client to connect the host by network cable. Then simply plug in monitor, mouse and keyboard. In addition, mobile office is provided. Users use a browser such as IE, Chrome or Safari on a laptop, smartphone or tablet to get the performance of PC host. 



For the design industry, there is a considerable demand for high-density deployment, and there is hard requirement for PC specification, and the security is the most important. The PC Farm solution can effectively prevent the loss of confidential data.


Internet cafe,

Meet the needs of playing large 3D online games. In the meantime, centralized deployment of PC hosts can save more space for Internet cafes, and more space is used to increase user seats and increase income.



Host is hidden, leaving more desk space. Prevent machine damage and data stolen.


Mobile convenience

In design industry, a smartphone or a tablet can remotely view the 3D rendering process and rendering effects in real time as well as setting and adjustment as needed.


For gaming, users can use a smartphone or tablet to play the PC games.


For enterprise, office workers use smartphone or tablet to get the office’s PC performance and finish their works.