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How to connect H4S to Linux host


1.Make sure have installed XRDP on Linux host.


2.Go to setup page of the terminal


3.Click 'Setup'


4.In the Server page, click Search Servers in Lan and server group, then add the servers to be connection, maximum 4 servers. The server type must be ie (Server 1:bbc, the first phrase with name, then plus comma “,” then the server ip address. For linux server, you need to add “:3389” after ip address. ie in Server 3, it is the Ubuntu 10.04 server, in order to connection terminal needs to be setting 16 bit color by adding symbol “*” in front, then server name “ddd”, follows by ip address “” then linux connection requires “:3389”. Or you can remove “*” by going to Monitor page( see below picture), in Color Depth choose 16 Bit, then you can add the Server 3 “ddd,”.


After that, you can see all the servers added for connection in the Host Name, then choose the one for connection. In host no.3 you can see the “ddd” linux server, click in then access Ubuntu 10.04.


5.Login server Ubuntu.


Noted: only uBuntu 10.04 works with 16 bit color, the following version 14.04 or 16.04 work with 32 bit that you don’t need to add “*” prior to server name or choose color depth in setting neither.