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How to Install Printer with Composite Device USB over H4S


Before printer installation, please make sure the following items are done

* Windows on the host is activated

* No other remote desktop software (like “Anydesk”) is installed on the host

* The version of NetPoint on the host shall be one published same time with H4S firmware.

* Turn off windows firewall (recommended)

* Install the printer driver on the host and make sure the printer works well on the host.


Now use H4S logon the host and connect the printer to H4S USB port. When done, follow these steps:


1. Right click on This PC, then choose Manage


Go to Device Manager. On the right, right click on the printer in question, then choose “Update Driver Software...”: 




Then choose “Browse my computer for driver software”: 



Choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”:


As shown in below, choose “USB Composite Device” if it is already in the list; if not, uncheck “Show compatible hardware”:


Click on “Standard USB Host Controller”, then choose “USB Composite Device” on the right:


Click on “Yes” when this prompt up. And the system will install the driver for USB Composite Device.


When the installation is finished, go to Control Panel:


Find Hardware and Sound, click on “View devices and printers”:


Right click on the printer we have just installed, then choose “Pinter properties”:


On the Ports page, choose “USB001 Virtual Printer Port for…” and click on “OK” to save:


By now, the printer shall be able to work normally on H4S