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SUNDE offer a variety of solutions


In order to improve the flexibility in work, we develope vClient and vTeam software to help customers to use any devices to log in to the specified server like operating the same function and operation locally.


For example, in an organization, they might have a powerful server that contains expensive graphics cards for large designs or 3D jobs, but server is placed in specific protected locations. Or the server has inserted a very expensive key that cannot be stolen. In this case, vClient can help you to log in to a powerful server. All you need to do is install the software on your own PC or laptop. It will initiate a connection to the server. The performance of vClient is exactly the same as on the local server. You can do what the server can do. Smooth and clear pictures, great sound synchronization will undoubtedly impress you.


Want to save on the cost of buying hardware? We offer another choice to log in to the powerful server without PC or laptop. You just buy our H4S zero client which is less than half the price of a PC. Install its companion software vTeam on the server, then you can log in to the server like using a PC or laptop.


Sound interesting? Contact our sales team for a trial version.