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New functions of the latest Netpoint


Multi servers broadcasting


For a number of servers, any of it or its connected H4S can broadcasting not only to 

the H4S in the same server but also to others with different servers.







Broker serves as a gateway allowing access multiple servers. Using one single IP

address to access multiple. Users simply input ID and Pass to the broker then will

be automatically pointed to their designated servers. No matter how server IP

address has changed, users only connect to broker for desktop access. To a

certain extent it’s safer when server IP address does not need to be exposed in



On top of that, broker can automatically assign temporary accounts to the

non-fixed users from free servers according to balance loading.  For example,

a company has over 200 employees, only 50 users have to use computers daily,

remaining employees do not use frequently. But when the Non-frequent users

need to use computers, according to the old practice, IT administrator must

assign all users accounts and tell which IP address to log in. This kind of work

is very cumbersome. With the use of Broker function, temporary users

accounts can be automatically created from a number of servers and assigned

to those Non-frequent users.