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Easy management for zero client terminal

Since the words “Virtual Desktop” emerge, it has always been a software-oriented terms. However, when SUNDE give a complete solution combining the software and hardware then it has a different meaning. 
Recently, SUNDE introduced a new management software-iTM. It really is the product of adherent to the integration of software and hardware, making a such different from other manufacturers’ software. Management on hardware of zero client is the biggest feature of iTM. Let’s explain how it works:
Scenario 1: When class is over, teacher just click the mouse, monitor will enter into sleep mode, and SUNDE zero client stop blinking, even mouse and other USB peripherals are cut off power. iTM help to start up or shut down terminals by clicking a mouse instead of shutting down the whole power supply of the classroom. With this function, teachers easily wake up the terminal, monitor, mouse and keyboard.
Scenario 2: In class, if students wrongly operate the terminals or modify some setting of terminals, teacher will be aware of it by messaging from iTM. Through a button on iTM,  this will be restored to the original setting, which help the teacher to maintain school order.
Of course, iTM management features are far more than that, many more features are waiting for you. If you are already SUNDE users, contact your sales person for free installation package. Come and feel the power of iTM.