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Easier deployment! --- SUNDE Desktop Cloud supports batch VM deployment
Function update of SUNDE cloud terminal management!
SUNDE’s latest terminal management software has added a virtual machine deployment tool: iDeploy. Through tool iDeploy, we can quickly achieve batch deployment of virtual machines.
For example, in the before when we created 50 virtual machines for endpoints, we might need to install the virtual machines manually one by one. The procedure is cumbersome and time-consuming. Now we just need to create a virtual machine template, and later virtual machines will be copied automatically through the tool iDeploy. It operates simply and fast, and it will just take around 10 minutes to accomplish the VM deployment for 50 endpoints, which will save the installation time for administrator in a vast extent, increase the work efficiency and offer un easy installation.
SUNDE terminal management software is totally free for our customers. If you are interested in our this software, please contact with our sales team for the installer.