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A Superb Performance Thin Client

Nowadays, more and more virtual desktop products are coming into market, making the competition much stronger. In Shenzhen, China, you may find over 100 different brands of virtual desktop thin client products. However, you can find out that SUNDE brand VDI zero clients have acquired the major part of Shenzhen market share. Currently in Shenzhen, there are 7 out of 10 thin client computing classrooms are using SUNDE zero clients.
Why is SUNDE so successful? We can see this in the following 5 points:
SUNDE has very stable hardware configuration in quality. SUNDE Diana thin client uses a SOC chip of ARM Cortex-9 from Freescale. This chip is of industrial grade quality, much better than those commercial grade chips. What’s more, SUNDE thin clients have ESD protection on all USB ports.
SUNDE’s architecture is much more reliable. SUNDE thin clients are based on NONE-OS design. Compared to those Android OS clients, SUNDE thin clients are much more efficient and much less CPU consuming. SUNDE requires no maintenance at all, thus they have much longer lifespan.
SUNDE thin clients operation is very smooth. SUNDE Diana thin client utilize their own specially designed SUNDE-VDI protocol. Diana can play very smooth HD movie, and support almost all applications. SUNDE-VDI does not require any GPU for graphic acceleration.
Free software. SUNDE users only need to pay the cost of SUNDE thin client hardware, and get vPoint and vPointGuest software for free. What’s more, users can download updates of these software and firmware of clients from SUNDE website for free.
SUNDE thin clients are closer to market needs. SUNDE listen to their users and offer customization on client products. For example, SUNDE thin clients One-Key-Broadcasting is very great for school classrooms and training rooms where the teacher wants to have his/her desktop (even with HD movie) broadcasted to all students.