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This could be caused by un-enabled Remote Desktop and Terminal Service on the Host PC, or screened by Firewall.
Follow these steps to do the check:
(1) Open “Control Panel” > “System” > “Remote”, in “Remote Desktop”, check the “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer”. Then click “OK”.

(2) Open “Control Panel” > “Administrative Tools” > “Services”, make sure the status “Terminal Services” is “started” and its startup type is “Automatic”. If “Terminal Services” cannot be started, you need to check your operation system.

(3) Open “Control Panel” > “Windows Firewall”. If Firewall is set to be on, please make sure that “netpoit.exe” is in the Exceptions list of the firewall. You can do this by clicking “Add Program…” > “Browse”, go to the installation folder of NetPoint and choose “netpoint.exe”, then click “OK” to save.

(4) Also remember to check if there is Remote Desktop in the Exceptions list of Firewall. If yes, please make sure it is also checked.

(5) Restart the Host PC and try to connect the terminal to Host PC again.