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First of all, we need to check if Diana audio function is working properly. Diana supporting USB device function takes use of vPoint Virtual Audio device, so if the audio function is not working, its USB function will not work either. When this happens, please follow the steps in the previous FAQ to make audio work.

If the audio is working normal while USB does not work, please follow these steps:
1. Log on the virtual machine using Diana. Check the Windows Task Manager in virtual machine operation system to see if these two processes of ‘usbip.exe’ and ‘vpusbip.exe’are running, and and then check system startup menu to see if the “VPUSBIP” is there in the list.

If these two processes do not show up, that means vPointGuest installation is not successful. Some files of vPointGuest may have been deleted by Security of AntiVirus software. In this case, we need to re-install vPointGuest software. Remember to disable any Security or Anti-Virus software before running the installation.

2. If these two processes are running while USB still does not work, we need to check if the IP address of the Virtual Machine is in the same subnet as the IP address of Diana terminal, or, their IP addresses are not in same subnet but in same LAN, and proper routing setups are made for these two IP address to communicate with each other. Otherwise, the virtual machine could not get access to Diana USB ports.

If there is any hardware firewall or similar devices in the network controlling network communications, please make sure that PORT 3240 is enabled for the virtual machine. It uses this port to communicate with Diana for USB function. For Diana using USB devices across Internet, please open ports from 3240 to 3299 of the Server.