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I have installed VpointGuest software into the virtral machine system, but there is stall no sound coming out of Diana.

Please note: Currently Diana only supports Audio and USB device for 32bit Windows (as the virtual machines operation system).

First of all, let’s check if the vPointGuest software installation is successful. Log on the Operation System of virtual machine, go to “Device Manager”, and then check if there is a “vPoint Virtual Audio” device in the list. If the answer is”NO”, that means the installation is not succeful. We need to reinstall vPointGuest. (Remember to run uninstall before make the new installation).

If a vPoint Virtual Audio device DOES exist in the list, then we need to check if vPoint Virtual Audio is the only and default audio device of the system. Only vPoint Virtual Audio is necessary for Diana. if there is other audio device present, DELETE it! Then vPoint Virtual Audio will be the only and default audio device of the system.
Remember to make sure in the Settings of the virtual machine, the Audio device is NOT enabled.

After all these steps, Diana audio function will be normal and working.