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Diana zero client supports most USB devices working well in Windows systems. Most common USB devices we use everyday are USB flash memory (drive). To make Diana work with USB flash memory, we need to install vPointGuest software on the operation system of the Virtual Machine. This software will install vPoint Virtual Audio and USB device supporting module onto the system. You can obtain vPointGuest at the dowload section.
Step 1: install vPointGuest software
Log onto the virtual machine operation system (Windows), double click on the software to run the installation. Follow the steps to finish the installation. when installation complete, restart the system.

Step 2: After restart, go to “Device Manager” to see if there is an audio device with name “vPoint Virtual Audio”. If there is no such a device, we need to re-install vPointGuest software.

Step 3: On the host PC (Server), check the VirtualBox Audio settings: Sound device should not be enabled. Diana uses its own sound device “vPoint Virtual Audio” but USB device must be enabled.

Step 4: After success with all previous steps, we now can use USB flash memory (drive) and other USB devices.