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With the widespread of Cloud Computing, Virtual Desktop computing has made tremendous changes to classrooms.

Not long ago, QingJiang Foreign Language School, located in EnShi city of HuBei province, China finished the deployment of SUNDE Virtual Desktop products in 3 multimedia classrooms. The project utilized SUNDE Zero Client to replace traditional PCs. SUNDE Zero Client does not have local computing capabilities, however, it can achieve PC-like user experience by connecting to the VMs established in host servers.


In a SUNDE Virtual Desktop system, all the computing capabilities are residing on host servers in the form of VMs (virtual machines). Besides the benefits of consolidated management and easy maintenance, SUNDE Virtual Desktop is bringing more to the classrooms.

  1. SUNDE Virtual Desktopoffers PC-like user experience. Each student can have his/her own VM. These VMs are independent to each other. When connected to the VM from Zero Client, the user can surf the Internet, read articles and play HD movies. It supports all types of videos and the playback is very smooth, just like a real PC. This PC-like experience is warmly welcomed by the teachers and students.
  2. SUNDE Virtual Desktopsupports full 1080P desktop broadcasting. By strike of key combination of CTRL+ALT+F10 on his Zero Client, the teacher can have his/her desktop broadcasted to all students’ desktop. Students’ keyboard and mouse are locked during this broadcasting. When the teacher want to end the broadcasting, just do CTRL+ALT+F10 again. Once the broadcasting is stopped, students will have their desktop and the control of keyboard & mouse back.
  3. SUNDE Virtual Desktopoffers easy-to-use “iTalk”. iTalk is a special function that SUNDE Zero Client have brought to classrooms/training centers. With the help of iTalk, users can have real-time audio conversation with each other. In classrooms, when a student have a question to ask the teacher, he/she can press down CTRL+ALT and then type the PNO of the teacher. A call request message will be sent and displayed on the teacher’s screen. At this time, the teacher can click on “Yes” to accept the request. Then an audio channel is established between the student and the teacher, and now they can talk freely.
  4. SUNDE Virtual Desktop offers Real-Time Desktop Interaction. If audio talk is still not sufficient in helping the student, the teacher can go further by connecting to the students VM remotely, either from Zero Client or just from the Host PC, and operating directly in the student’s VM. This serves as vivid demonstration to answer the student’s question.


All these new function are integrated into SUNDE Virtual Desktop. No third party software is required. Only some easy settings need to be done for it to take effect.