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 Shenzhen, located on the frontier of Chinese Reform and Development, is one of the cities with fastest development of information technology in China. As early as in last year, classrooms equipped with SUNDE Virtual Desktop emerged among schools in various districts of Shenzhen. Its fame of good performance was spreading widely and fast.



SUNDE Virtual Desktop System Being Used in a Classroom in Shenzhen

Praising phrases on SUNDE Virtual Desktop projects like “functional stability”, “best user experience”, “easy maintenance”, “highly effective teaching” and “clean and tidy classroom” have been often heard in the schools who have deployed SUNDE Virtual Desktop. Gradually, these phrases are becoming the brand image of SUNDE.

What’s more, in year 2015, SUNDE took great efforts in developing some new functions especially for education usage. These functions include “One-key Broadcasting”, “iSupport (teacher interacts with students’ desktop)” and “iTalk”, etc. All these new functions have greatly enriched the capability of SUNDE Virtual Desktop, making it perfect for education.

In November 2015, two schools, Shenzhen Aiwa Primary School and Shenzhen Jianan Primary school chose SUNDE Virtual Desktop to equip their computer classrooms. It took only half a day to set up SUNDE Virtual Desktop system. With SUNDE Diana Zero Clients replacing traditional PCs, students can log on to their VMs running on the platform of vPoint2.0 (a software developed by SUNDE).  The IT supervisor from the school told us why they have chosen SUNDE Virtual Desktop:

There are many brands, big or small, in business line of Virtual Desktop, and the competition between them is very hash. The reason why they have chosen SUNDE is that SUNDE have deployed quite a lot projects here in Shenzhen, and their good performance and comments can be heard from the management personnel of these schools. What’s more, it is well accepted that SUNDE Virtual Desktop terminals are best in functional stability. As for schools, product stability matters the most. Without stability in performance, those wonderful functions are just like bubbles. SUNDE also has strong R&D team and we can see there have been many developments in its software. Especially in this year, new version of vPoint software with new functions is introduced. These new functions like “One-Key Broadcasting”, “iSupport” and “iTalk” are specially designed for schools and training centers.